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The President can lead, he can not do it alone. This is a reality we all began to realize the morning after election day. Like many of you, I was so excited about the surprise results of the Presidential race, and predictably disappointed in the results of races in the State of Nevada. Today, we are no longer faced with Obama and Senator Reid, it is the unpredictable Republicans who support, or do not support, what the American people voted for on election day.

Republican leadership in Nevada has always been shy about challenging Harry Reid directly, and therefore, Obama. That is why Nevada lawmakers formed the Silver State Health Exchange to embrace Obamacare, enforced data collection on children in school, and uttered not one word about women's privacy. Weak or nonexistent ideas on energy, tax reform, government spying, or securing the boarder.

We are about to see that same song and dance again, even though our Republican leaders are very aware what we voted for on election day. We've had that same experience just 2 years ago here in Nevada. Are we going to see the same behavior in Washington D.C. ?

The Republican Party in Nevada completely lost the golden opportunity is had after the 2014 election, thanks to those in leadership positions. The Republican majorities in both the Nevada Senate and Assembly have been destroyed. One Republican State Senator abandoned us completely by switching their party affiliation to "Independent", after voting for the largest tax increases in Nevada history in 2015 (most likely becoming a Democrat by 2018).

The results of the 2016 election clearly show, America is closely divided, and the Republican Party is divided. Nevada is on the front lines of this ideological battle, and I hope you'll join me in the continued debate on the future of our country.

Republican leadership at the Nevada Legislature has collapsed. After abandoning their campaign promises in 2014 to limit government expansion in Nevada and protection against a "margins tax", Republicans created a cloned version known as the "Commerce Tax" and expanded state government to its largest size ever in the State of Nevada. Sadly, the biggest beneficiaries are those getting the benefit of "crony capitalism" in state giveaways, while all other Nevadans pay higher prices for everything. The lack of transparency in these secret deals is symptomatic of what happens in Washington D.C., the "New Nevada Normal". I'm looking forward to bringing a strong debate to the Nevada Legislature on many issues, as there are so few Republicans at the Nevada legislature that actually will.

The issues are still unresolved. Repealing Obamacare in Nevada, election integrity, personal privacy, protecting the "Bill of Rights" in the U.S. Constitution, and yes, repealing the "Commerce Tax" will be on my to do list. I hope you will follow and support my efforts to get these done, it will not be easy. If the Nevada Legislature is unresponsive on these important issues, I will need your help to go to the Nevada voters through the petition process.

Upon conclusion of the Nevada Legislature in June of 2017, I will begin working full time on my campaign for the U.S. Senate race in 2018. The President can lead, he cannot do it alone, and we need strong Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate race after our defeat this year in Nevada with the establishment backed candidate. It didn't workout like they said it would in 2016, not at all. The Republican establishment did get their "Commerce Tax" though.

I'm starting today! You can help! I'm fundraising for my U.S. Senate campaign with my new book, "Right Angle For America". For just a $125 contribution, which can you do here. or send it to P.O. Box 17373, Reno, Nevada 89511, and you'll get a signed copy. You have to order before May 31, 2017.

Best wishes to you and your families in this hopeful New Year.

Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle and Senator Don Gustavson at the Nevada Legislature